“I don’t want to go through life without life going through me.”

– Kevin Johansen

Moving Through It

** All sessions & classes are now online or outdoors **

Yoga sessions and dance/movement psychotherapy for moving with life

Science has been unable to define a frontier between the body and the brain. Rather, the mind-body works as a two way street.  Often, what is experienced as a “stuck” emotion can be worked through in movement and metaphor, and only afterwards understood cognitively. Similarly, we may understand that a pattern in our lives is unhelpful, but we struggle to change it through conscious effort. When this same pattern is explored on a physical level the wisdom of the body can suggest new ways of acting, responding, and coping. I offer guidance in connecting to these inner strengths through yoga classes and dance/movement therapy.

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Learn more about how working with the mind-body connection can bring healing to you, your group, or your loved one.

Yoga Classes and Sessions

One-on-one instruction for delving deep into a yoga practice personalized for you. Group classes for finding your flow. Mentoring for new yoga teachers.

Dance/Movement Therapy

A form of psychotherapy which uses the mind-body connection to promote healing and growth. Individual, couples, and family sessions available.